Kagegorie Transall
The C-160 Transall (word-mix of transporter alliance) tactical transport aircraft was developed and build as german-french co-production in the 1960s. On January 28 1959 the four in the program involved companies, Weserflug, Hamburger Flugzeugbau HFB, engineering bureau Blume and Nord-Aviation (Paris), singned in Bonn, Germany, a base contract for the developement as a team. One month later formed the involved companies a working alliance. The works were planned as follows:
  • Nord-Aviation: Wings and engine nacelle/gondola/housing
  • VFW: main fuselage and vertical stabilator
  • HFB: fuselage nose and tail and parts of the vertical and horizontal stabilators.
In sum 169 aircraft were build. 50 went to France to the armee de l'air, 110 to the german Luftwaffe and 9 to South Africa. In the 1970s Germany sold 20 aircraft to Turkey.
In 1976 a second batch was produced. All of its 25 Transall NG (Nouvelle Generation) went to France. Added were finally 4 aircraft for special operations. Also Indonesia ordered 4 Transall NG.
The era of the german Transalls ended 2021 when the last aircraft flew on a good-bye tour trough Germany. It is meanwhile completely substituted by the new Airbus A-400M.