Transportwing 61 Transall 50+96, "30 Years TW 61"

Product information "Transportwing 61 Transall 50+96, "30 Years TW 61""

High value 250 g/m2 silky luster paper poster at the size of DIN A3 (420x297 mm, 16 1/2 x 11 3/4'', DIN A2 and DIN A1 optional) with aircraft scheme and textual descriptions. All texts in german. DIN A2 and DIN A1 versions are optional, and will be printed after reception of the order which means a delay of ca. 1 week for the shipping.


Transport Wing 61 is based at airbase Penzing which is close to Landsberg in Southern Bavaria. The base was build during the "Third Reich" 1937, hosted the station the Kampfgeschwader 153 "Merseburg" flying the DO-23. Starting 1939 the Kampfgeschwader 51 "Edelweiss" with He-111 took over.

After the war the Americans renewed, extended and used the station and handed it 1957 over to the Bundeswehr, the new german army.

After the handover to the new Luftwaffe Penzing airfield was first used by the "Flugzeugführerschule A" for flying training on the french Fouga Magister and the North American T-6. After moving the training to Fürsty and the United States,Helicopter Transport Wing 64 with its Bell UH-1D "Huey" took over Penzing airfield. In 1971 Transport Wing 61 moved from Neubiberg near Munich to Penzing and were since then the main user with one squadron equipped with C-160 "Transall" and one squadron UH-1D. 2012 the "Hueys" were given to the german army aviation and the squadron disbanded. Only a couple of helicopters remained for SAR along the autobahn and in the Alps.

With introduction of the new A400-M transport airplane and retirement of the Transalls the end of the airfield has come.