Welcome to the jet-prints.com / flugzeugdrucke.de online shop!

At JET-PRINTS.COM / FLUGZEUGDRUCKE.DE you get high value prints with (jet-) aircraft motives. Our main interrest lies at the moment on German TORNADO fighters and there especially at the numerous special painted airplanes plus the various combinations of aircraft camouflage and aircraft configuration (tanks, weapons, other loads) which could be seen over the TORNADO era. Unfortunately are we kind of behind with all the special painted jets for various wing anniversaries and wing abandonings and with some of the configurations (e.g. Buddy/Buddy air-to-air refuelling and Recce Pod Light).


Our second "love" is the former main airtransport worker of the German Luftwaffe (and the french, and the turkish), the C-160D "TRANSALL". After centuries of reliable work and service for our forces it was  taken out of service in 2019 and being replaced by the new Airbus A-400M. Starting with the relaunch of this shop mid 2017 you get the TRANSALL from the first prototye aircraft to the last special painted version 2017 from Airtransport Wing 61 from Penzing/Landsberg.

As an additional new product we present with our new shop also the German Navy long distance sea-reconnaissance and anti submarine Aircraft P-3 ORION. Its end in the german Navy is also being determined and it will be substituded by the P-8 POSEIDON.

All our motives feature the highest resemblance in colour and technical details and are therefore also a high value help for model builders.

Our posters are printed on high value 250g silky luster surface paper. On all prints you find text blocks with additional information about the flying wings, the airplane, the weapons, the history and the tasks of the airplanes.

Besides the standard size DIN A3 you can order all motives also in the larger sizes DIN A2 and DIN A1 (on a different paper in this size though). Especially in the format DIN A1 on our high value paper you get a real eye-catcher which will make your friends jeallous.

Pilot Names on the TORNADO cockpit rail

For 20,- EUR more you can have your/any name(s) being printed on this special place e.g. as a special gift for a special friend or just as a gag for you. Just order the extra feature "With Pilot Names" as an ADDITIONAL article and specify in the customer text-info box of the ordering process which name(s) and ranks you like to have beneath the canopies. One last thing: the larger the print is, the better and more impressive the text lines can be seen.

Individualization and special versions of prints

We have no problem to adapt our prints for your needs, e.g. as a gift for a retiring comrade. We can change and/or substitute the headlines and/or modify the text blocks according to your ideas. The price for this service is calculated on the time we use for the work.