With Pilotennames on the cockpit rail (price additional to the print)
What is more or less standard on US Airforce jets - the names of the crew on the cockpit rail - can be found on german jets only now and then, namely on birds with special paintings for special events. That there are names under the canopy does not mean that this bird is only flown by this crew or pilot, but it is a great honour for the pilots to find his name on a jet of his wing. For little more money you can have your name(s) being printed on this special place e.g. as a special gift for a special friend or just as a gag for you. Just order this extra feature as an extra article and specify in the info-box of the ordering process which name(s) you like to have at what place beneath the cockpits. One last thin: the larger the print is, the better and more impressive the writings can be seen (see also our big size prints in A2 and A1). Please specify in the input box above what names and ranks you want to display!